How Quickly a Liver can Regenerate


How Quickly a Liver can Regenerate

You don’t need to completely avoid alcohol just to ensure that your liver will be okay. After all, alcohol is just one of the many culprits of liver damage. Besides, drinking responsibly cannot damage your liver. your body still needs that ounce of alcohol every once in a while.
Men can take 2 drinks in a day, according to the experts. More than that can already challenge the functions of your liver. note that alcohol, after all, is still a toxin to the liver. you better be safe than sorry. Even if the liver regenerate, you can’t really tell if it can keep up with your drinking habit.
Yes, this is the wonder of liver as it can heal itself. However, you need to stop feeding it with toxins so that it can start the healing process. It goes without saying that if you will continually drink alcohol, then the liver cannot start repairing what is damaged.

The timeframe of the liver healing process will depend on the extent of damage. Thus, you really have to be responsible of your own body. Give your liver a rest once in a while so that it can repair itself and buy 马来西亚最好的保肝藥.

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