Ways In Making College Students Boarding House Life Transition More Bearable


How To Live Away From Home

While there are freshmen college who are quite excited to start their diploma course away from their parents, some are scared because they have never tried living on their own. Are you one of those who are about to start the last level of education and are you also going to live in a boarding house? You must be really excited right now and scared at the same time.

Most of the time, if you are living in a rural area, you have to live in a boarding house as it would be impossible to go home every day with the distance of the college from your home. Is this your case as well? Have you sent your permohonan ke ipta?

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If you are now ready for the first day of your diploma course, you might want to check below for tips on how to make your boarding house life more bearable and even exciting at that:

Tips To Help Living In Dorms Bearable

  • When you are going to live in a boarding house, you will usually have to share the room with other students. If you want to have an exciting or peaceful life, you should try to connect with your roommates. You can be chummy with them so you will be less lonely and at the same time, you will also have new buddies right away. You can even share notes later and organize a group study.
  • There are times when you might see some offered activities in your boarding school. It is not really bad to be a member of some of them as long as you know your priority. If you have to sign up for some activities, make sure that they will not interfere your studies.
  • In every boarding school, there will be assigned dorm parents and teachers. They are there to facilitate the students so they will be guided accordingly. Of course, you need to abide by their rules and at the same time, you can also ask for advises from them, especially when it is about the policies of the boarding house.
  • Yes, you can be homesick, especially that you are still in your first year. You don’t know anyone, you are far from your parents, this can surely make you feel lonely. However, there are so many things you can do as well so that your mind will not always dwell on something that you cannot do. You can check out some of the off-campus activities for example as who knows if you discover a new hobby! Yes, you might realize that you are after all, skilled in a certain field.

What you must think of is that there will always be challenges. They should not make you give up but rather, they should make your goal more exciting. They say that if you want something, you have to be ready for the hurdles that come along with it.

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